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The Scene
With its tin ceiling, whirring Casablanca-style fans and a tiled bar long enough to spread out in, it's easy to see why discerning diners of all ages consider this city bistro a home away from home. The kitchen serves up homestyle Italian food; the staff offers even homier hospitality, and a quirky sense of fun plants tongue firmly in cheek. On live opera nights, a tenor spices-up an eight-course dinner served between musical interludes.

The Food
Combine the Baby Clams Tarantino (named for the owner), simmered with zucchini and tomatoes, with any of the tummy-busting pasta dishes and you've got yourself a feast. The Veal Pavarotti (in the menu section honoring famous guests) is a solid marriage of mushrooms and Marsala, while the walnut and pear "soup" appetizer is inspired. Finish with a chocolaty tiramisu. The house allegiance to Italian wines makes for an interesting, yet affordable, sip.

We were greeted by a very nice staff who gave us personal attention, including the owner. The food was delicious, as was the wine. And, it was much more affordable than I expected.                                                                                                                                  - anonymous patron

The atosphere is unlike anything you will experience in Cleveland. Has a definate European flavor and feel. When you go there, forget about going somewhere else afterward - you will get caught up in everything and end up making this place the one place you go that night. Also, one of the best atributes of the retaurant is the owner. When he is there, he usually makes a point to meet and greet you - and make you feel welcome. You will not find another owner like him. He truly adds to the experiance. Finally, if you have a group to bring somewhere - La Dolce Vita is a must. Ciao.                                                                                                                                    -anonymous patron

La Dolce Vita is by far the best restaurant in Cleveland's Little Italy. The food is excellent, and the daily specials are not only tasty, but exotic, with what is more of a Mediterannean feel than simply just Italian. The service here is second to none, and the atmosphere is one of a kind. Enjoy!                                                                                                                                    -anonymous patron